Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Dynamics 365 operations licensing and pricing

The licensing model for Dynamics 365 strays slightly from its antecedents’, and features updated price points. Dynamics 365’s licensing structure is more flexible, enabling customers to pick and choose functionalities.

The number of license levels has also been reduced. Where Dynamics AX offered four different license levels depending on access required, Dynamics 365’s ERP apps have only three, plus a dedicated license for devices. 

Like the old model, under the new licensing model each level offers differing degrees of access, though the titles and access levels have changed:
  • Full Users receive full access to all features and functions
  • Operations Activity users can perform transactional tasks but cannot access all features.
  • Team Members can enter information such as timesheets and expenses, execute underlying processes, and share knowledge.
While there is no exact mapping between the two license groups, they can roughly be equated as follows:
Dynamics AX 2012 and earlierDynamics 365
Enterprise UserFull User
FunctionalFull User or Operations Activity, depending on role
Task UserOperations Activity or Team Member, depending on role
Self-Service UserTeam Member
There is also an option to license devices, which enables users to access the Finance and Operations or Retail applications through a shared device.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is not available to purchase a standalone app, and must be licensed as part of one of two plans; either the Dynamics 365 Plan, which bundles ERP and CRM functionality together, or the Unified Operations Plan, which features only ERP apps.
Dynamics 365 Plans
PlanIncludesFull UserOperations ActivityOperations DevicesTeam Member
Dynamics 365 PlanFinance and Operations
Customer Service
Project Service Automation
Field Service
Microsoft Social Engagement
Unified Operations PlanFinance and Operations

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