Thursday, 9 August 2018

Deploy a Development server on Azure through LCS in Dynamics 365FO/ AX 7.0

Use this procedure to deploy a development environment on Azure using LCS.
Open your LCS project and click on  Hamburger icon of LCS Menu Bar and click on cloud hosted environment. 

Once page loaded then click on Add button to start environment provision process.

Select Environment Type

There are two type of topology available on LCS, Demo and DEVTEST.
In Our Demo we select DEVTEST Topology..

In very next step you will find two option  Build and Test and Develop Machine..

Build and Test
Select this option when you want to provision the environment for Build machine.
There are only few steps difference between both environment is only configuration steps of  build agent and TFS.

Microsoft highly recommend to don't use Build & Test for development purpose.


This topology use only for development purpose..

If you faced the below error, means Azure ARM connector not define on your LCS.

Click on hamburger icon again and go to project setting to add Azure connector.

Now select Azure connector Tab and click on Add button, check the below screenshot.

Fill the required fields 

  • Name 
  • Azure Subscription 
  • Azure Tenant Domain

Please check the below screenshot.

If you don't know your Azure Subscription Id then login to Azure Portal with Admin accounts, you also have rights of Administrator on Azure AD.

Search Subscription in search bar or you can find the path with the help of below screenshot.

Click on Add and follow the MS ARM on boarding blog. 

After completion of On-boarding ARM. GO to project setting Add Azure Connector and fill the required fields and click Next.

If your ARM On-boarding process successfully completed an role will be shown to you . if this role is not showing to you then click on Azure portal and follow the ARM instructions again.

If everything is showing as expected then click on next.

Click next Again and select your Azure region and click connect.

After completion of  Azure connector, Click on hamburger Icon and click on cloud hosted environment again.

Then follow the steps i mentioned in the start of the project. once you come on the below screen Enter the Environment Name.

for Advance configuration setting for Environment click on Advance settings.. below information will be shown to you. 

Select the configuration as per your requirement and click on close

Select the Machine Size and click on Next to finalize the provision.. It will take 5 to 6 working hours in environment configuration. 

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