Tuesday, 21 October 2014

How to Install Management Reporter in Ax 2012 R3 - Step by step

Here I'm sharing steps how to install Management Reporter in Ax 2012 R3

Sql Server Version : 2014
Windows server : 2012 R2
Axapta : Ax 2012 R3

 Management Reporter 2012 CU10 (version 2.1.10001.112)

Download Link https://mbs.microsoft.com/customersource/northamerica/MR/downloads/service-packs/MROverview
customer/partner id and password is required 

Note : If you are using sql 2012 then install MR from Ax 2012 R3 set up.


Run MR Setup

Insall->Management Reporter Server

Give service account user id and password 
Database Server : DB server name
Select windows authentication(If want to use"sa" then uncheck it and give "sa" and password)

Give password and confirm password

Port Num : 4712(By default this the port number . If you want you can change but remember the port number because while installing MR client we use the same port number)

Services Endpoint Port: 8201 (Generally people confuse here 8101 or 8201.  8101 is WSDL port number not service endpoint port)
AOS Server: AOS Installed Machine Name
User Name : AOS execution user name and password
DataBase Server : DB server Name

DataBase Name : MicrosoftDynamicsAX(Axapta DB Name)

Click Next

After few minutes Management Reporter will be installed.

Then open configuration console and you will have a new node under ERP Integration. Select the node and ENABLE INTEGRATION and click on refresh.

Again go back to the setup and click on

Install->Management Reporter Client->Next->Next

Server : http://servername:4712
(serverName : MR installed server Name)
click next and finish the installation.

@Rahul Talasila


  1. Hello,

    I am using Management Reporter 2012 R3 CU9 and getting error. should i go with CU10 as you discussed here.
    Please reply.

    1. Can you please share the error. So that I can look into that

  2. Thanks a ton for the Steps, managed to install CU-16.

  3. Hi i am installing MR CU16, but i am getting error 'MRConfigurationConsole.exe - assert Failure', do you see this error?

    1. Looks like the problem is with the date format. Set to date format to mm/dd/yyyy, reboot server and reinstall Management Reporter.


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