Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Google Maps Integration In Axapta 2012 R2 & Axapta 2012 R3

In Axapta system we can see customer / vendor address in bing.com maps.

In this customization I will show the same in google maps.


Accounts receivable/Common/Customers/All customers

Select any customer and edit

In Address tab we can see “Map”. When we click on that we can see customer address in bing maps.


Go to AOT-> Classes -> smmutility ->mapit (Method)

Copy and replace the below code in mapit method

/// <summary>
/// Opens Bing maps with the address.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="_address">
/// The address to map.
/// </param>
public static void mapIt(LogisticsPostalAddress _address)
   // #DEFINE.MapURL('http://maps.bing.com/default.aspx?where1=\%1')//Commented By Rahul
    #DEFINE.MapURL('https://www.google.com/maps/place/')//N-Code Added By Rahul Talasila

    str     address;
    if (_address)
        address = _address.Street + #comma +
                  _address.City + #comma +
                  _address.State + #comma +
                  _address.ZipCode + #comma +

        // Replace the newline with comma
        address = strReplace(address, #newline, #comma);
        // URL encode
        address = System.Web.HttpUtility::UrlEncode(address);
        // Add the address to the URL
        infolog.urlLookup(strFmt(#MapURL+ address));//N-Code Changed By Rahul Talasila

Go back to the customer->address and click on map.

 Below link helped me ..

@Rahul Talasila

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