MS Dynamics AX 7 Development - Packages, Models, Projects

Packages, Models, Projects in AX 7. Let's figure out what is it.

Package in AX 7 is independent deployable unit of one or more model.
Model is a group of elements (metadata and source files) that typically constitute a distributable software solution.
Project - simple Visual Studio project that stores AOT elements. The project helps you group the elements.

A simple way to understand is described on image below.

Package are folders located in the model store folder of the AX 7 application. The default model store folder is “c:\packages”.

Model folders are contained in their package folder. A model folder contains type-specific folders.

Every dependency of packages are described in descriptor files and can be shown in AX 7 viewer.

In model view, AE is organized by models. The package that a model belongs to is shown in parenthesis next to the model name.

The main purpose of VS project is to store AOT elements. AX 7 has not Shared or Private projects. Each user has their own projects that each of them related only to one model. Use multiple projects in Visual Studio solution to work with elements from different models.


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