Monday, 15 June 2015

Physical updating quantity in the inventory unit PCS must be other than zero - Ax 2012

Hello Guys ..!

Some times we get below error while doing purchase product receipt

"Physical updating quantity in the inventory unit must be other than zero."

Reason 1:

->Through code we updated receivenow qty in purchline but it is not properly updated in other areas.

Reason 2:                                                    
-> In purchline Table RemainInventPhysical , RemainPurchPhysical fields values are zero(0) but through code you are trying to post product receipt.

Solution For Reason 1:

Call "modifiedfield" method after assigning value to "PurchReceivedNow "

Example :

purchLine.PurchReceivedNow = 35.00;// Your Receive Now Qty
purchLine.modifiedField(fieldNum(purchLine, PurchReceivedNow));

Solution For Reason 2:

Update RemainInventPhysical , RemainPurchPhysical in purchline table with Ordered Qty

That's it...

Note : Check purchase line item unit Id conversion is exist or not.

@Rahul Talasila

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