Monday, 5 January 2015

AX2012 AXUTIL commands to Import,Export,Delete Models

Hello Guys..!

Here i'm sharing Axutil command to import, export, delete models.

// creating the Model in the Layer
AxUtil create /model:"TestModel" /Layer:CUS

// exporting the model to file
AxUtil export /model:"TestModel" /file:TestModel.axmodel

// importing the model from file
AxUtil import /file:TestModel.axmodel

// delete the model
AxUtil delete /model:"TestModel"

//delete the layer
AxUtil delete /layer:ISV

// if you have multiple instances running
//delete the layer from the database and AXserver.
Axutil delete /layer:ISV /db:<database> /s:<server>

Note: click the link for how to use axutil

@Rahul Talasila

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