Thursday, 9 August 2018

Mobile Work-space D365FO / AX 7.0

Lets Create mobile work-space in few steps.

Step-1 navigate to top left and click on Gear icon. a drop down popup will appear like below. 

Step-2 Then click on Mobile App once window will appear like below then click on create.

Step-3 fill the required fields. 

Step-4 click on Add page icon and enter the page name and description. Now navigate to the page which you are targeting to show on mobile work space. In our case we are on Release Product form page.

Step-5 Now click on select fields. 
Step-6 All the fields will be highlighted like below screen shot. You can click on +icon to add fields in list of the page.

Step-7 Now click on List control and select properties.

Step-8 Below popup will appear, You can change the labels and style of page from here.
Step-9 If you want to add detail page then click on the add page icon else click on done after required change. In our case we are adding detail page of the items. 

Step-10 Enter the new page name and open items detail view to add fields in detail page.

Step-11 after selection of the fields.. click on list control and add action. You can find the Add action button in action tab of the page. 

Step-12 Enter Action Name and click on OK... Then back to previous page again.. there is no need to add any fields in actions.

Step-13 Now click on done and then save.

Step-14 Navigate to mobile app screen again to verify your mobile work-space.
Step-15 select your mobile work space and click on publish.

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